How it Works


Learning the Postwaves’ Interface & Guide to Getting Started:


A few simple tips & tricks:

1. Sign up for a new account here.

2. Add Groups to your sidebar: Click on the “My Groups” bar on the left-hand side of your screen so you can search for and select groups. To join private groups, you will need to receive a unique invite link from the group administrator.

3. Share with the group: Click on the “Add Post” button to share links, ideas, answers to questions — anything you think the group may benefit from.

a. Tip: For quicker sharing, drag the “Add Post” button onto your bookmarks bar to make a bookmarklet. This way you do not need to navigate back to Postwaves to share interesting links as you browse the web.

4. Vote: As you browse through Groups in your area of interest, you may see a post with green & red voting arrows at the top of the page. This means you have been assigned to vote on a newly submitted post in that Interest Group. Vote yes (up arrow) or no (down arrow) depending on whether or not you think the post will be of interest to the community. The number of posts you will be requested to vote on should be minimal and will drop down to one a day as more users start joining the groups.

a. Tip: When appropriate, we encourage typing out feedback/comments before you hit the up or down voting arrows. This way, a user can improve their question/idea/submission even if their post is not approved by the community.

5. Want to manage your own private or public group? Learn how here.


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