Climate Think Tank

The Climate Think Tank is a group for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change.

We've chosen to host it on Postwaves because it's a new type of online forum that promises:

no spam, no biases and no trolls.


About Postwaves

The majority of people today are part of some type of group, which is a fantastically broad term we define as “a community of people with a shared goal”. This can span from supporters of an organization or cause (like furthering the women’s rights movement), science enthusiasts, or even a weekly book club. The examples are literally endless.

In today’s digital world, it’s not uncommon to find groups utilizing web-based tools to enhance communication. Common tools being Slack, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Reddit, Quora - the list goes on. While very successful, we argue that none of these tools are scalable and efficient ways to communicate, and frankly, they can waste a lot of time.

At Postwaves, our platform falls into….none of those categories. We have invented a completely new beast. With the framework of an online forum, but the productivity of a group that gets shit done. We are giving online forums a good name, where you come to see only high quality content that is relevant to your group, and say goodbye to long lists of bad content and spammy posts.

Our motto is this: your community is the most valuable resource you have. Don’t waste their time with tools that promote distraction; give them a way a to pool their wisdom together (we’re not just saying this, our site is fueled by research for the Wisdom of the Crowd). Harness the very best of your community, answer only the most relevant questions, see only the best solutions, and discover new and limitless ideas that were not possible before.

Now let’s go make an online forum you actually want to join.