Postwaves’ Voting System

Let's face it, even if we really care, most of us are too busy and don't have time to join even one more online group. This is why Postwaves’ voting system is designed to take only a few seconds to discover content and make a difference in areas you care about, while also shielding you from trolls, spam, and endless feed of bad posts.

The following are the main differences between Postwaves’ voting system, and most other online forum and social networks:

  1. Your submission will not be made visible immediately
  2. Each submission is sent out to be approved by a handful of your fellow group members
  3. This also means you will occasionally be asked to anonymously vote on posts

These small differences in the voting system have a dramatic effect on the productivity and quality of each group:

  1. Your group works as a team, sharing the load of approving and ranking all new content.
  2. This saves time, for you and everybody else in the group.
  3. This minimal voting effort gives you access to guaranteed high-quality results.
  4. This also means users can’t cheat and upvote their own posts from multiple accounts as you can on other social news sites


The diagram and video below illustrates Postwaves voting system in detail:



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