Postwaves' Voting System

Postwaves' unique voting system shields you from trolls, spam, and never ending feed of mediocre posts and has a dramatic effect on the productivity and quality of each group.

  1. The group help save time, each member rates just one new post, so the group as a whole can collectively filter through thousands of ideas.
  2. This minimal voting effort gives you access to the best high-quality results.
  3. The rating is unbiased, since it is anonymous and random.

The following is a glance into how the Postwaves’ voting system works:

  1. Members submit a link, idea, response, or a post to their interest group.
  2. Postwaves sends the submission to a small sub-group (randomly selected, per post).
  3. The sub-group rates the submission anonymously.
  4. If the sub-group rates the submission above 50%, the submission become public for the whole group to see.


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The diagram and video below illustrates Postwaves voting system in detail:


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