A new Type of Online Forum

After speaking with LinkedIn group leaders, we've learned that many are struggling to maintain productive and thriving communities because: 
  1. The same people post all the time. This discourages contributions from the other 99% of members, and compromises the quality of the discussions. 
  2. As the group grows, the forum becomes unusable due to the amount of noise, which discourages busy people from participating. 
Why is Postwaves different & better than a LinkedIn group? 
  1. Low-maintenance - Users and moderators are shielded from typical time-wasting problems associated with biases, trolls, manipulation, and general bad posts 
  2. Scalable to any group size - From five to millions of users, remains noise-free 
  3. Research-based – Optimized to float the best content to the top 
  4. Completely free 
These qualities motivate all members to post more, attract better users, and create a safe space for high quality discussions, idea-sharing, and advice. 

Get started in less than 5 minutes, click "Start-A-Group" after you sign up here
Decide if you would like to run a small pilot to test it out first, or if you’d like to invite your entire existing group. 

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