A new type of online Forum

no noise, no biases, no trolls, no maintenance


The Internet has made it easier to communicate, but also more challenging to rise above the noisy crowd and be heard. We believe that a new type of online platform is required to harness the full potential of collective group intelligence, break boundaries, fuel the discovery of great ideas, and transform communities for the better.

Postwaves’ vision is to enable groups that share a common goal, such as nonprofits, government, education, businesses, etc. to engage and evolve ideas together — all in a democratic environment that promotes productive change.

In comparison to existing forums and social networks, the platform’s unique voting system is:

       • Research-based – Optimized to harness the wisdom of the crowd

       • Scalable to any group size – From five to millions of users, remains noise-free

       • Low-maintenance – Users/moderators shielded from thousands of submissions

       • Democratic – A true equal voice to the 99%

       • Unbiased – Posts are judged based on quality only


Our Mission

• Provide nonprofits, businesses, and all groups a noise-free platform to advance their shared mission and cause

• Uphold democratic and honest communication, where each person has an equal voice and the power to impact the lives of others

• Eliminate social biases in online forums

• Save time for busy people who can’t review thousands of emails, suggestions, and social noise

• Make a positive impact on the world by enabling large numbers of people to suggest, refine ideas, make more informed decisions, share ideas, stay up-to-date, and find innovative solutions