Everything Evolution

The Everything Evolution is a group for anyone to share examples and insights of how evolution is shaping our world.

We host it on Postwaves because it promises:

no spam, no biases and no trolls.


About Postwaves

I’m pretty sure that if I asked you to join another online forum, you would roll your eyes and tell me you don’t have the time.

Then why do we even use online forums? It’s an effort to bring together a community online and keep valuable discussions going strong. Amazing, but why isn’t there a better way?

The year is 2016 and we at Postwaves are officially declaring that online forums don’t work.

That’s why we’ve created a new type of forum, from the ground up. Postwaves is a crowd-moderated online forum with a unique voting system that eliminates spam, trolls and long lists of bad posts.

Our vision is simple: What if every post on your Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn or Facebook feed had already been vetted for by your community? Imagine the time you could save discovering only amazing posts.

Now let’s go make an online forum you actually want to join.