Climate Think Tank

The Climate Think Tank is a group for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change.

We've chosen to host it on Postwaves because it's a new type of online forum that promises:

no spam, no biases and no trolls.


About Postwaves

The Internet has made it easier to communicate, but also more challenging to rise above the noisy crowd and be heard. We believe that a new type of online platform is required to harness the full potential of collective group intelligence, fuel the discovery of great ideas, and transform communities for the better.

Postwaves’ vision is to enable groups that share a common goal, such as movements, organizations, interest groups, businesses, etc. to have productive online discussions and create actionable change.

In comparison to existing forums and social networks, the platform’s unique voting system is:

  • Research-based - Optimized to harness the wisdom of the crowd
  • Scalable to any group size - From five to millions of users, remains noise-free
  • Low-maintenance - Users/moderators shielded from thousands of submissions
  • Democratic - A true equal voice to the 99%
  • Unbiased - Posts are judged based on quality only