Climate Think Tank

The Climate Think Tank is a group for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change. 


We've chosen to host it on Postwaves because it's a new type of online forum that promises:

no spam, no biases and no trolls. 



About Postwaves

With the rise of the Internet, we are used to constantly sharing, tweeting and commenting on online forums and social networks. But, there’s just one can take too much time to separate the good content from the bad.

There is a need for a new type of platform, one free from clutter and noise, to harness the full potential of people that have real thoughts, ideas, and knowledge to share, and transform the internet for the better.

The mission behind Postwaves is simple: to give any group that shares a common goal (like discussing climate) the ability to have dynamic discussions online and create real change for the world around them.