Climate Think Tank

The Climate Think Tank is a group for anyone to contribute ideas and approaches to climate change. 


We've chosen to host it on Postwaves because it's a new type of online forum that promises:

no spam, no biases and no trolls. 



About Postwaves

What are you interested in? Agriculture? Education? Politics? Imagine a community of people just like you, combining their experiences and knowledge to make a difference and learn as much as possible… Can you imagine how powerful that would be?

Wishful thinking. The reality is that most of us are too busy, too tired, or too stressed to join even one more online group, no matter how much we care.

That’s why Postwaves exists. We want to help you discover more of the things you care about, in less time, with less hassle.

We’re transforming the classic online forum. In just seconds, you can discover and contribute quality content and ideas, without having to waste time sorting through trolls, spam, and the endless feed of bad/irrelevant posts.