The Bernie 2016 Forum is hosted on Postwaves, a new type of online forum


no noise, no biases, no trolls



About Postwaves

Postwaves is re-inventing the classic online forum by turning it into a new type of crowd-moderated online community. The new forums are 100 times more productive, giving an immediate stage to good ideas and content while shielding members from trolls, spam, and an endless feed of bad posts. Read more about it here.



Postwaves' Mission

  • Provide a noise-free community to advance a shared mission and cause
  • Uphold democratic and honest communication, where each person has an equal voice and the power to impact the lives of others
  • Eliminate social biases
  • Make a positive impact by enabling large numbers of people to suggest, refine ideas, make more informed decisions, share ideas, stay up-to-date, and find innovative solutions