Why Employee Engagement?

In the last few years, thousands of companies have jumped on the employee engagement bandwagon. Here's why:

  • Loyal employees
  • Less turnover means time saved on retraining
  • Glowing reviews of your brand from the inside-out
  • A candid and safe environment breeds creative strategies and new ideas
  • Enviable company culture leads to a competitive edge, better employees and unexpected opportunities



How can Postwaves help?

The benefits of employee engagement are clear, but how do you tackle it in the most effective way possible? Many companies we’ve spoken to say that current online solutions are not fit for employee engagement for the following reasons:

  • The most vocal or higher ranked employees take over the conversation
  • Forums/chats turn into strings of unrelated conversations, hard to single out the best posts that require action
  • Employees are worried about the consequences of being candid

Postwaves has created a new type of online forum that solves all the above issues through our unique voting system:

  • Research-based - Optimized to harness the wisdom of the crowd
  • Scalable to any group size - From five to millions of users, remains noise-free
  • Low-maintenance - Users/moderators shielded from thousands of submissions
  • Democratic - A true equal voice to the 99%
  • Unbiased - Posts are judged based on quality only



So how would it work?

With Postwaves, you can:

  • Give employees an unbiased tool to voice their opinion and elicit honest feedback. Get ideas from sales and marketing strategies and better company culture to general ideas and suggestions.
  • Encourage intrapreneurship amongst employees - drive innovation by treating each employee as an entrepreneur